5 Healthy On-the-go Snacks

Summer vacation is here and that probably means more traveling and days spent out and about. For our family, this also means planning ahead and making sure that we have healthy and nutritious foods available to either grab easily or keep in the car.

Let me ask you a question: When are you most likely to make unhealthy food choices?

A) When you have tasty snacks pre-packed


B) When you are extremely hungry and desperate to eat anything you can get your hands on?

I would assume that most of you probably answered B to this question. Often times, we make those less then ideal food choices because we are desperately hungry. In these moments we are also more likely to overeat.

According to Clark (2014), "snacks prevent not only hunger sensations but also cravings for sweets... eat before you get too hungry. When you are ravenous, you tend to crave sweets (and fat) and overeat."

My goal today is to help equip you with a few on-t