20-Resistance Band Exercises: For at home or on the go

Weather you are looking to take your workout on the road or simply trying to avoid buying expensive equipment, these resistance band exercises can be made into a full body workout!

Exercise #1 Plank Push-up

Exercise #2 Banded Squat

Exercise #3 Lateral Walk

Exercise #4 Crab Walk

Exercise #5 Monster Walk

Exercise #6 Sprint

Exercise #7 Lateral Sprint

Exercise #8 Clam Shells

Exercise #9 Squat w/abduction

Exercise #10 Plank Leg raise

Exercise #11 Standing Hip Extension

Exercise #12 Shoulder External Rotation

Exercise #13 Lateral raise

Exercise #14 Tricep Kickback

Exercise #15 One Arm Chest Fly

Exercise #16 Bicep Curl

Exercise #17 Over Head Pull Down

Exercise #18 Bridge

Exercise #19 Single Leg Bridge

Exercise #20 Seated Row

Now that you are an expert on resistance band exercises, here is a great workout that you can do at home or take with you anywhere!

Share this workout, give it a try, and be on the lookout for more in the future!!

Let us know if you did it and tag us on Social Media.

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