5 Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

I think that we are all aware that staying physically active during pregnancy (or in general) can help with weight gain, so that is not even going to be a topic of discussion today. Instead, we are going to focus on five other benefits of exercise during pregnancy.

  1. First, exercise during pregnancy has been shown to boost mood and lower blood pressure. During pregnancy, women are especially susceptible to depression. Research shows that 1 in 2 woman report increased depression or anxiety during pregnancy. In a 2012 study by Fernando et. Al. they discovered that physical activity during pregnancy decreased depression, improved mood, and diminished anxiety. When looking at blood pressure, which can occasionally go up during pregnancy and be a warning sign for preeclampsia, a 2010 study by Stutzman et. Al. showed that simply walking regularly can keep blood pressure from rising during pregnancy

  2. Second, exercise during pregnancy can improve sleep. According to a 2014 study by Mindell, Cook, and Nikolovski, 3 out of every 4 woman experience sleep problems during pregnancy. Women who consistently exercise during pregnancy report falling aslee