A Journey to the Cross and Beyond

The Burial

Read Matthew 27: 57-66

In this passage of scripture we see the continuation of the story after Jesus has passed on the cross. We see that a wealthy man from Arimathea named Joseph went to Pilot to request the body of Christ. This act was one of sheer boldness as this identified Joseph as a follower of Jesus and also indicated that he still thought that Christ was the Messiah. Joseph stood in the gap and played a vital role in truly showing that Christ was the Messiah and that He did raise from the dead. After properly dressing Christ's body, Joseph had a large stone placed at the entrance of the tomb.v. 60

But the question is raised, if Joseph was a follower of Jesus, why didn't he speak up before Christ was crucified? Where was his boldness then? What gave him the boldness now? Joseph took the risk and presented himself before Pilot and requested the body of Jesus. Surprisingly, Pilot granted this request. So Joseph went about the task of properly caring for the deceased body of Christ. He honored Christ at the cost of making himself foolish in the eyes of others.