A Letter to Luther on his 5th Birthday

Dear Luther,

I cannot believe you are 5 today! Time seems to pass so quickly and yet some days seems so slow. I definitely envisioned age 5 looking very different then it does. I thought that we would have figured out this whole communication thing and that you would be able to clearly tell me what you needed, what you loved, what scared you... all of the things. I envisioned us having silly conversations over your little toy men and the stories you had made up for each one of them. I also envisioned you telling me elaborate made up pirate stories from lands far far away in your dreams.

Although it saddens me much that you still struggle greatly with communication, it also brings me much joy and pride because you have not let this major obstacle slow you down one bit. You have shown me and everyone else just how determined you are. You are a fighter and you do not give up. You have made so many strides over the last year and I cannot believe how well you are doing. Although some days are really really tough, I know you want to talk to us and express yourself just as much as we want you to be able to.

I am so very proud of the little man that you are becoming. Although it is difficult for you to verbalize your feelings, you have no problems making people feel loved, appreciated, and accepted. You are so kind hearted and you always make other kids feel welcomed even when they don't welcome you.

I cannot imagine what it must feel like to live in a world where people cannot understand you or where people often don't take the time to acknowledge that you too have something you want to say because they don't want to take the time to understand you. I continue to pray daily that you would be able to talk to me and easily communicate your needs with others but I still continue to pray that if it would glorify God more for us to continue down this path that He would give each of us in our family the patience we need to work together to understand you. I also pray that as you get older and we continue to w