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This post should have been written a while ago but I hadn't found the time to do it yet. I find that in the current circumstances of the power outages in Maine from the storm on Sunday, I should inform you all that the Varney tribe bought a house in Auburn back in September!!

The reason I wanted to share this information with you is because many of our friends and family are going on day 3 without power and some are not expected to receive power back until late this week or next week. We were extremely fortunate that we only had a few hours without power on Monday, so we want to make you all aware that our home is open to anyone who needs a warm shower, food, coffee, a place to do laundry, or somewhere to charge your phone or other devices.

Our home is a blessing and a gift that we do not deserve and we desire to use it to glorify God. We want to open our home and show the love of Christ to our neighbors (a lot of them still don't have power), family, and friends.

We may still have boxes that are unpacked and everything may not be clean but we want to serve those around us if we can.

Please contact me if our family can serve you through this time.

I promise I will post an all inclusive update on our home soon :)

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