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Life Lately

1) I started a new job

Back in July, I interviewed for a group fitness instructor position at the Auburn -Lewiston YMCA and got the job and was hired on as a personal trainer too. It has been fun getting to know the staff and getting back into teaching group classes again! I have been teaching a mix of both TABATA and bootcamp classes and have loved them both! My schedule varies but if people are interested, I can post my class schedule weekly :)

Next week I will be teaching bootcamp 10/3 at 4pm and TABATA on 10/5 at 4pm

*classes are free to Y members

*first class is always free drop in rate is $8

*child watch is available (free for members and $3 per child for non-members)

2) I am a Pound Pro

In conjunction with working for the YMCA, I had the opportunity to become certified as a Pound Pro. I am now certified as a Pound instructor and hope to add these amazing drumstick workouts into my teaching schedule in October!

3) Amos and Luther's first bike ride together

In other news, Amos and Luther had their first trip together in the bike trailer. They obviously loved it (probably for the snacks). By the end of the ride, Luther was asleep and Amos was banging on Luther's helmet to wake him up :)

4) We went camping

We also had a great time relaxing with one another during our Labor Day weekend family camping trip. Yes, he is sound asleep in this picture.

5) Gideon turned 7

Gideon also turned 7 in August! I am not quite sure how this intelligent and compassionate little man got to be so old. If anyone figured out how to slow time down, please let me know.

6) Gideon starred second grade

Gideon also had his first day of second grade on his seventh birthday.

7) Gideon started ice skating lessons

Gideon also started ice skating lessons. We signed up for a free 10 week program at the colisee that is run by Skate USA. He LOVES it!

8) Luther had another hearing test

Luie also had his first appointment at L/A hearing . Unfortunately we still don't have answers. He still hates anything in his ears so once again his hearing test was inconclusive and we will try again in 3 months. In the meantime, we are still trying to get services set up for him here in Maine. It has been quite a frustrating process but we are hopeful to get him squared away with the services he needs to help him succeed.

What am I reading: I am still making my way through Galatians and reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan and occasionally picking up Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp.

What am I listnening to: I have spent some quality time listening to Alisa Keeton's podcasts on Gut health . You should totally give them a listen. And I am also getting into the habit of making playlists for my bootcamp classes each week so I have been creating hour long playlists for that. Feel free to look them up and use them if you would like.

Favorite Workout: Happy Dance by RevWell Anderson

*Favorite bootcamp I taught recently:

Favorite Recipe Lately: Pumpkin EVERYTHING! But Crockpot Breakfast Pumpkin Custard is my favorite! ❤️❤️ I will need to share the recipe

What God is teaching me: That I need to continue to trust Him and rest in Him. I SO badly want to fix things, especially for my children, but it isn't what I am supposed to do. I am a "doer" and it kills me that there are certain things that I cannot fix or make right. I know that not being able to fix these things is driving me closer to God because I need to rely on Him. If I could fix these things myself, I wouldn't be growing and learning in Him. I would be relying on my own power to see the changes.

Ways to pray for our family: Please join us in praying for our children. Pray that they would see their great need for a Savior and that we would do our best to point them to Christ.

Also, please continue to pray for Luther. Ultimately we would love for him to pick up on speach but if that is not God's will, please pray that we would be able to help him in the best ways possible.

Lastly, we are still transitioning and there are a lot of changes going on. Please pray that we would continue to seek Christ and glorify Him in all that we do and the decisions that we make.

What is new with you lately? What is God teaching you? What are you reading? How can I pray for you?

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