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Wellness Revelation Review

You have probably seen me post or heard me talk about the Wellness Revelation but maybe you don't really know what it is about. Today we will be talking about what the Wellness Revelation is all about and if you should pick up a copy of your own. 

At the beginning of the year, as I went through Revelation Wellness Instructor training, I also became a facilitator for the Wellness Revelation. The book has not officially been released yet but it will be available starting August 8th! **1 week away**

So, what exactly is the Wellness Revelation??

The Wellness Revelation is a book that contains an 8 week journey through discovering how to be whole spiritually and physically in Christ. Each week there are teachings, fitness training assignments, a Bible study, a workout calendar with video workouts, suggested foods, small group questions, and so much more!! 

What is the goal of the Wellness Revelation?

The goal of the Wellness Revelation is to encourage the reader to love God, get healthy, and serve others. True and lasting transformation will only come when we have our priorities straight. The Wellness Revelation views fitness through a Biblical lens and helps the reader focus on loving God first and then translating that into how we care for our bodies. 

What makes the Wellness Revelation different than other Fitness Programs? 

The Wellness Revelation puts Christ first. Because of this, the program is not a one size fits all. I feel like this quote from the Wellness Revelation answers this question perfectly,

“For the next eight weeks, we will be learning about and coming back to God’s desire for us to be holy and whole. They exist together. The more we commit to God’s way (holiness), the more whole we will become. This program is an opportunity to be put back together again by the One who made us and who knows where all the pieces go. He is the best psychologist, friend, personal trainer, life coach, and nutritionist we could ever have. God desires to come intimately near to us so He can reconstruct us to look more like Him. After all, this was his original plan: “Then God said,”Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us.’ ” (Genesis 12:6, NLT).”

How long is the Wellness Revelation?

The Wellness Revelation is 8 weeks long but if you work with a facilitator, they may do 9 weeks to allow a week for introduction to the program. 

What is a facilitator and do you need one?

A facilitator is a person who has been trained by Revelation Wellness to guide an individual or group through the Wellness Revelation. You do not need a facilitator to go through the program but I highly recommend that you find one and here's why...

Using a facilitator to guide you through the Wellness Revelation will increase your accountability, gives you a partner to pray with and walk though the tough stuff you will encounter through your journey, gives you access to the training videos, and gives you intentional time to step back each week and spend time reflecting with others on how God is transforming you through this journey. 

How do I find a facilitator? 

You can click on the link >>HERE<< to find facilitators for the Wellness Revelation and Revleation Fitness classes near you! I will also be running a local group (Central Maine) for the Wellness Revelation starting in September and would love to facilitate an online group if there is enough interest. 

Where can I purchase the Wellness Revelation? The Wellness revelation is currently available for PRE-SALE at the following retailers: Amazon Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million Consider this your official invitation to join the freedom party as we learn to become healthy and whole in Christ!!!

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