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6 Week to 5k Program {Beginner Edition}

Now available in {PDF}

I am releasing my 6 Week to 5k Guide~Beginner Edition

This 6 week to 5K beginner guide is perfect for the beginner runner or someone looking to start over. You will find useful information on how to warm-up and cool down properly, how to incorporate strength training, cross training, and rest days into your running schedule and an all inclusive 6 week program. There are also helpful topics discussed such as hydration, when to replace your running shoes, and what to eat before a morning run.

Here is the table of contents to give you a better idea of what to expect in the guide: 

Table of contents

Welcome note

Breakdown of the program

  • Warm-up

  • Cool-down

  • Training Runs

  • Strength Training

  • Cross Training

  • Rest Days

Weekly Breakdown of the 6 weeks

Helpful tips/ Information

  • What if you invited God into your workout?

  • Virtual links

  • When should you replace your running shoes?

  • Should you eat before your morning run?

  • Hydration

  • Sports drink alternatives

Printouts of weekly workouts

Cost for the PDF book is $20 

If you send a Payment to the following PayPal link, you will be emailed the book within 24 hours.  

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