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Help Me Become a Fitness Teacher Gospel Preacher

If you know me or follow me, you know that my passion for fitness is driven by my passion to serve God in everything that I do. Without faith, fitness is just fitness. But when you add fitness into faith it is a whole new story. There is real meaning and intention behind exercising and caring for your body. It becomes about glorifying God for the way that He has so wonderfully created you. This is the passion that God has placed on my heart and my desire is to continue to teach other about fitness from a faith perspective. Although I have been teaching classes that incorporate both faith and fitness for a while, I yearn to glean from women who have been doing this longer than I have. I know that there is SO much more that I can learn and be able to pass onto others as well.

God placed the desire to attend Revelation Wellness instructor training on my heart a few years ago but the timing wasn't right. I now feel as though God is calling me to rally support from friends and loved ones and pursue becoming a RevWell Instructor.

This is where I need your help! What are some practical ways that you can help?

1) Pray for me and my family. Pray that we would continue to put Christ first in our lives and surrender everything to Him on a daily basis. This includes our comforts, our desires, our belonging...everything. Pray that we would continue to seek to know Christ on a personal level and let Him lead every aspect of our lives.

2) You can pray about the role that God would have you play in me completing my training. The training is a 9 week online program followed by a week long training in Arizona. Through this process I am going to need help! I am not superwoman (nor would I want to be), so please consider if God would have you help my family in practical ways like childcare, finances, or even helping my husband in my absence. The training is not cheap and I will need to pay for my flight to Arizona as well, so I am looking to rally financial support in addition to prayer and social support.

** In an effort to raise money for my training, I am selling Fueling the Temple shirts for a limited time online. I am selling both a unisex long sleeve tee and a woman's flowy tank top through teespring. This is a great way to support me financially and get an awesome limited edition shirt in the process. You can click >>HERE<< to purchase a shirt until Dec. 29th!

If you still want to financially support me but don't want a shirt, you can also donate through the paypal link:

I covet your prayers as I look to move forward with this amazing opportunity. I know that God will definitely be working in my heart through the process and I cannot wait to see how He uses this opportunity to glorify His name.

If you want a little glimpse of what a Revelation Wellness class looks like, watch the video below:

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