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Advent Week 1

Genesis 3 Isaiah 9:6-7 Luke 1:26-38 Being the first week of advent, I have been spending a bit of time reading in Genesis, Isaiah, and Luke. We see in Genesis that God made a promise and then in Isaiah we see the prophecy of the coming Savior. It doesn't end there. After many years of waiting, we see the silence broken and the announcement of the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy. This happens when the angel, Gabriel, appears to Mary. He announces that a child would be born: a son would be given to Mary that would reign on the throne of David forever. This human child would also be "the son of God." Although confused, Mary was filled with faith and wonder. When she asks Gabriel how this is possible, he responds that the Son of God would be conceived by the power of the most high through the agency of the Holy Spirit. Because of this miraculous conception, the Savior would be born without the stain of sin. Although born a man, he would be holy, created by the power of God. Although Mary did not fully understand, she trusted God's plan.

Can you remember a time in your life when you had to trust God's plan even though you didn't understand what He was doing?

Take some time and pray. Thank God for the miraculous gift of His Son. Maybe even give thanks to God for each part of Jesus' description in Luke 1:32-33- Jesus is the Son of the Most High (God), who reigns on the throne of David forever, and His kingdom will have no end. If need be, ask God to help you trust in the plan that He has for your life even though you may not fully understand what He is doing.

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