February 27, 2017

Why do you workout? Why don’t you workout? A friend of mine asked this question on social media recently and I found myself reading through the comments that others posted. I wasn’t surprised by the response that I read. Some people wrote that they just love it while others workout just to stay healthy or to maintain weight. Some people even wrote about how great of a stress relief it can be or how it helps them fight depression.

According to the Mayo clinic exercise helps to control weight, combat health conditions and diseases, improve mood, boost energy, promote better sleep, help spark your sex life, and it can be fun. Out of all of the responses and the article by the Mayo clinic, no one mentioned completing a workout to spend time with God or that they workout to glorify God.

There are definitely endless benefits that one can receive from physically exercising their body, but what if it wasn’t just about exercise. What if you invited God into your workout? What if instead of f...

February 23, 2017

Now available in {PDF} 

I am releasing my 6 Week to 5k Guide~Beginner Edition

This 6 week to 5K beginner guide is perfect for the beginner runner or someone looking to start over. You will find useful information on how to warm-up and cool down properly, how to incorporate strength training, cross training, and rest days into your running schedule and an all inclusive 6 week program. There are also helpful topics discussed such as hydration, when to replace your running shoes, and what to eat before a morning run.

Here is the table of contents to give you a better idea of what to expect in the guide: 

Table of contents

Welcome note

Breakdown of the program

  • Warm-up

  • Cool-down

  • Training Runs

  • Strength Training

  • Cross Training

  • Rest Days

Weekly Breakdown of the 6 weeks

Helpful tips/ Information

  • What if you invited God into your workout?

  • Virtual links

  • When should you replace your running shoes?

  • Should you eat before your morning run?

  • Hydration

  • ...
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Should you eat before your morning run?

May 14, 2020

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