June 13, 2016

I am a huge proponent of using natural products to help in all areas of life, so why not in recovering from a workout too? I have never been a huge fan of blueberries by themselves, but I love them in oatmeal, muffins, smoothies…you name it!

So, when I came across this study that was performed by McLeay and his colleagues, I had to share their findings. In the study that they conducted, they took healthy females who participated in in at least 2 days a week of aerobic and resistance based exercise and split them into two groups. One group consumed blueberries 5+ hours pre -workout and then again immediately after working out and the second group was the control group. Overall, they came to the conclusion that the ingestion of a blueberry smoothie prior to and immediately after a workout accelerated the recovery process of muscle strength (McLeay et al., 2012).

The reasoning behind why blueberries help an individual recover from a workout quicker is because blueberries contain a high amou...

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