May 14, 2020

The answer to this question is going to be specifically geared for people who are running 10K or less.

First we will address the fact that you should eat something before a morning run. Your body has gone all night without any food or drink. You would not expect your car to run optimally without fuel in it, so why would you expect your body to run optimally without fuel. It is possible to run shorter distances without eating but you will be more likely to run out of glycogen stores, feel fatigued, suffer from low blood sugar, and feel nauseous if you do not eat pre- exercise. During the night, your liver glycogen stores may become depleted and then your body would struggle to maintain blood sugar levels during our workout. (Clark, 2014). Some may argue that you burn more fat while exercising on an empty stomach, but this does not equate to fat loss. To lose body fat, you need to create a calorie deficit by the end of the day and you will be much more capable of burning calories if your...

June 3, 2019

The topic of discussion for today's post is post exercise nutrition/fuel. I have also written a post all on pre-exercise nutrition if you are concerned about what you should be consuming pre-workout. 

Are you new to exercising and not quite certain what you should be eating after a workout? Or maybe you are an avid exerciser looking to improve your performance. Today’s post is for both of you! 

People talk about the importance of pre-exercise food and nutrient timing post exercise like it is a life or death situation. Does it leave you dazed and confused? Maybe even feeling like you shouldn’t exercise because you don’t know how to maximize your efforts? Do Not Worry! This is simply not the case.

After a workout, your top dietary priority should be to replace fluids lost from sweating so that your body can get back to water balance. You can calculate your sweat rate if you need to but the goal is to drink throughout the activity so you do not lose more then 2% of your body weight.


May 13, 2019

Weather you are looking to take your workout on the road or simply trying to avoid buying expensive equipment, these resistance band exercises can be made into a full body workout! 

Exercise #1 Plank Push-up

Exercise #2 Banded Squat

Exercise #3 Lateral Walk

Exercise #4 Crab Walk

Exercise #5 Monster Walk

Exercise #6 Sprint

Exercise #7 Lateral Sprint

Exercise #8 Clam Shells 

Exercise #9 Squat w/abduction

Exercise #10 Plank Leg raise

Exercise #11 Standing Hip Extension

Exercise #12 Shoulder External Rotation

Exercise #13 Lateral raise

Exercise #14 Tricep Kickback

Exercise #15 One Arm Chest Fly

Exercise #16 Bicep Curl

Exercise #17 Over Head Pull Down

Exercise #18 Bridge 

Exercise #19 Single Leg Bridge

Exercise #20 Seated Row 

Now that you are an expert on resistance band exercises, here is a great workout that you can do at home or take with you anywhere! 

 Share this workout, give it a try, and be on the lookout for more in the future!! 

Let us know if you did it and tag us on Social Media. 

April 12, 2019

The weather may be warming up where you are and maybe you are getting the itch to go running or perhaps you never stopped running through the colder months. In either case it is vitally important to make sure that you keep yourself safe while you are enjoying your run. 

Back a few years ago when we lived in Philadelphia, there was a story in the local news about a female jogger who was strangled while out for a jog at night. It definitely caught my attention and not only was I deeply saddened for the family of this lady, but I was stirred to step back and evaluate what I was doing to make sure I am safe while out running. Later on that week, it was released that the husband confessed to murdering his wife. It was not a random act of violence against a runner. In some ways it calmed my heart to know that this running accident was not a random act, but it broke my heart even more for the family. The runner left behind two teenage daughters. 

In my search for ways to be safer while out...

March 22, 2019

In this article, we will be discussing what Functional Training is, the benefits, and if it is right for you. We will also be including a sample functional training workout that you can complete at the gym or at home with minimal equipment.

What is functional training?

You may have heard the word functional training or functional fitness. It has been a buzz word that has emerged over the last few years but in actuality the concept has been around for a long time. Years ago before gyms were common, people didn’t have a need for stationary gym equipment because they were busy using their bodies to complete daily tasks. Most, if not all, individuals were using their bodies to tend land and farms, care for livestock, hunt…If their bodies were not capable of performing the tasks necessary, they and potentially the people around them, would suffer.  Naturally, their bodies would maintain a certain level of fitness to complete their daily tasks. If we fast-forward to our current time, we know t...

February 20, 2019

In this article we will be exploring what high intensity interval training (HIIT) is, why it is so effective, and who it is designed for, and how to structure a HIIT workout. As a bonus, we will even include a TABATA style HIIT workout that you can complete either at home with minimal equipment or at your gym. 

What is HIIT?

HIIT is exactly as the name depicts. It is a high intensity workout that is performed in intervals. In the time allotted for exercise, you are exerting yourself at 80-90% of your maximum effort for a short period of time and then recovering in between intervals. 

Not only can HIIT workouts be a time saver, but they can also help you burn calories more effectively. During your HIIT workout your body uses larger amounts of oxygen than before your workout in an effort to restore your body back to normal levels. EPOC results in an overall higher calorie burn post exercise and according to it can increase your metabolism for up to 48 hrs post worko...

January 11, 2019

I think that we are all aware that staying physically active during pregnancy (or in general) can help with weight gain, so that is not even going to be a topic of discussion today. Instead, we are going to focus on five other benefits of exercise during pregnancy.

  1.  First, exercise during pregnancy has been shown to boost mood and lower blood pressure. During pregnancy, women are especially susceptible to depression. Research shows that 1 in 2 woman report increased depression or anxiety during pregnancy. In a 2012 study by Fernando et. Al. they discovered that physical activity during pregnancy decreased depression, improved mood, and diminished anxiety.  When looking at blood pressure, which can occasionally go up during pregnancy and be a warning sign for preeclampsia, a 2010 study by Stutzman et. Al. showed that simply walking regularly can keep blood pressure from rising during pregnancy

  2. Second, exercise during pregnancy can improve sleep. According to a 201...

July 10, 2017

Last Saturday we ran our first 5K as a family of 5! I have long dreamed of the day that we would run another race as a family. We would often run with Gideon and then with Gideon and Luther but couldn't manage running with 3 kids with only a double stroller. Initially, Mattie was going to push Luther and Amos and I was going to push Gideon. All of that changed part way through the race...

Let me backup and give you a recap of the morning. Our family set off to participate in the Moxie day 5K after the kids run. After Gideon was not able to run the broad street kids run, he was dying to participate in a kids run. So we showed up early and got him registered. He was excited but quite nervous. He asked me if I would run the kids race with him. I told him yes and Mattie stayed with the younger kids while I set up to run next to Gideon in the kids fun run. Off we went and Gideon had SO much fun running and thoroughly enjoyed the short little kids run. He was SO proud of himself for finishing...

June 16, 2017


You should be proactive about staying hydrated. Try not to wait until you are thirsty to start drinking.  According to Clark (2014), “by the time your brain signals thirst, you may have lost 1% of your body weight, which is equivalent of 1.5 pounds or 3 cups of sweat for a 150lb person”. One percent may not seem like a significant amount, but at 2% loss you are classified as dehydrated, and at 3% loss your aerobic function is significantly impaired (Clark, 2014).


  1. Check your urine color and quantity.  If the urine color is dark, then it has a high concentration of metabolic waste and you need to increase your water consumption through drink or food. Once the color is back to a pale yellow (lemonade color) you have returned to a normal water balance. Your urine should not be clear either. This is an indication of over hydration. 

  2. Calculate your sweat rate during exercise. According to Clark (201...

May 9, 2017

I will be joining up with Jimmy Pena of PrayFit for a 4 week physical and spiritual challenge starting June 5th! This challenge is for EVERYONE! Maybe you are just starting your health journey or maybe you are looking for a challenge. 

A PrayFit Summer is for individuals who workout at home or in a gym and there is even a challenge for runners too! 

I would love for you to join me on this journey. It is only $10 and all proceeds go to benefit ministries such as global missions and kids affected by special needs. 

So, what exactly does this challenge include? 

  • Fitness and nutrition expertise and daily guidance

  • Downloadable journals

  • At-home training plans for beginners, intermediate and advanced

  • Gym-specific routines; tips, techniques and strategies

  • Are you a runner? We have a challenge for you too!

  • "PrayFit Dares" that will rock your world and transform communities (these will stretch us all)

  • Daily devotions, Scripture memory, Bible trivia (w...

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May 14, 2020

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