March 29, 2019

Sometimes we can see the hand of God in both the big and little things in life but other times it seems absent. It doesn’t necessarily mean He isn’t there because scripture tells us He is Immanuel- God with us- (Isaiah 7:14

So why do we sometimes feel like He is so far away?

Can you think of a time in your life where you stopped and asked God where He went or why He seemed so distant?

Was it a difficult season that you were walking through? or maybe there was a lot of business happening in your life.

Our relationship with God is just like any other relationship. You have to work to get to know the person and either you are growing in that relationship or you are stagnant. It doesn’t magically turn into a deep and meaningful relationship all on its own.

Now think about a current or past relationship that meant a lot to you. What made it so special? Was it something you went through together or was it just a superficial ‘all is good but we don’t really talk about hard stuff’ relationship? No!


December 29, 2018

Dear Luther, 

I cannot believe you are 5 today! Time seems to pass so quickly and yet some days seems so slow. I definitely envisioned age 5 looking very different then it does. I thought that we would have figured out this whole communication thing and that you would be able to clearly tell me what you needed, what you loved, what scared you... all of the things. I envisioned us having silly conversations over your little toy men and the stories you had made up for each one of them. I also envisioned you telling me elaborate made up pirate stories from lands far far away in your dreams. 

Although it saddens me much that you still struggle greatly with communication, it also brings me much joy and pride because you have not let this major obstacle slow you down one bit. You have shown me and everyone else just how determined you are. You are a fighter and you do not give up. You have made so many strides over the last year and I cannot believe how well you are doing. Although some days a...

December 19, 2018

For the next 5 days, there will be a new advent post each day. This will lead us right up to Christmas eve. I hope that these advent posts have been encouraging to you in this Advent season. If you are just joining us, I would encourage you to either check back each day for the next 5 days or join our mailing list to have these emails sent directly to you. 

As we are now in the third week of Advent, I hope that taking time out to study God's Word and how faithful He has been to fulfill his promises has been come a regular occurrence for you. Today I want to encourage you as we await the return of the Messiah. We see in Exodus that after spending time with God, Moses' face shown.

"When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, with the two tablets of the testimony in his hand as he came down from the mountain, Moses did not know that the skin of his face shone because he had been talking with God."

Exodus 34:29

When we are spending time with God and seeking to know him on a personal level, it...

November 6, 2018

I was going to blog about refresh and even started writing the post but then felt compelled to share something else with you guys. Don't worry, I will get to writing a recap about refresh. I promise. Also, this is technically related to refresh. 

At Refresh summit I had the opportunity to share a short devotional on Saturday morning and I thought that I would share some of what I talked about that morning with you guys. To some of you this may be something that you have heard before but for others, this may be a new concept. 

Our theme at refresh this year was Transformed and Free and was based off from Colossians 3. This scripture talks about putting on the new self when we identify ourselves as children of God. Amia did a fantastic job at drawing this out over the course of the weekend but I decided to hone into a specific area of our lives where we are called to be transformed and free. 

I started off by sharing this excerpt from Milton Vincent's book "A Gospel Primer" 


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